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Evidence in substantiation of claims in holy prophet conducts (pbuh) PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 06 June 2010 02:11

author: Abdol Khaleghe Fasihi

Judicial conducts is one aspect of holy prophet (pbuh) conducts. Studying and pondering "evidence in substantiation of claims" in holy prophet conducts (pbuh) is noteworthy and important, In view of that fact that holy prophet (pbuh) judged and sentenced in judicial cases without any divining power and according to outward state and firmness of litigants' evidences.
This essay consists of opinions of orientalists about holly prophet (pbuh) judgments and criticism of their opinions, features of his judgments, defining evidence in substantiation of claims and their variety in ancient Iran, western countries and ignorance Arab society.
Consideration and knowing evidence in substantiation of claims (evidence, confession and oath) in behavioral and verbal conducts of holy prophet (pbuh) forms the main body of this essay, reflected in final sections.                 

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Euthanasia PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 06 June 2010 02:07


author:sayyed muhammad husain musavi

What is nowadays called euthanasia and studied in medical law, in expressive word is defined as murdering some one on grounds of sympathy and kindness. Euthanasia has various kinds that each type resulted in his own religious canons.
According to Islam religion beliefs and other divine religions it is prohibited, and doctors are not allowed to interfere in death time that is determined by god.
Euthanasia is accepted only in few countries and under particular circumstances. Although in Iran laws it is not accepted, practically, it is done about people who are suffering from brain death.        




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