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Thursday, 26 August 2010 07:22

Not reported crimes
S. B. Mohammadi
In every country, many studies take place to discover real amounts of crimes. They have indicated obvious differences between official figures and figures that have shown by these studies. For instance, home office British 2000 survey uncovered almost 15 million offences, three times the official figures of 5.3 million. In addition, rates of reporting varied widely between different types of crimes. This fact raises an important question "What influences the decision to report?" Three elements may influence reporting crimes: importance of offence, kind of offence and victim's characteristics.
According to the British crime survey, the main reason for not reporting is that the victim saw the offences as trivial, and believed that the police would not be able to do any thing about it. In our every day life, many crimes maybe committed by others or even by us that we prefer not to report it. In these situations, compromise is the best choice.
The second factor that may influence the reporting crimes rate is offences' type. Some crimes are not reported because they regarded as personal matters like domestic violence. Some other crimes may be so embarrassing in the society point of view, that the victims may be too embarrassed to report to police, especially where the offence is of a ... nature. People also tend to report crimes where there is an obvious advantage to them in doing so. For example, In England, car thefts are reported more than many crimes, presumably because that is necessary in order to make an insurance claim.    
Another reason that some crimes are not reported is referred to victim's characteristics. Some people have little faith in the police or fear reprisals from criminal and believe the police will not be able to protect them. In addition, the literacy and culture level of victims could have undeniable effects on reporting crimes. So poor district are best places for offenders to commit crimes and be safe of police prosecution.
These elements make official statistics weak and unreliable. Therefore, other ways (in addition to official statistics and crime surveys) are necessary to find real crime rates.        

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